Sunday, March 8, 2009

T-ball season has begun!

We are the Giants...the mighty, mighty Giants!  I will be singing this phrase for the next 3 months as Will plays t-ball this season.  We got to see his first game this Sat.  Greg's parents came up for the weekend to watch him play. He is becoming such a great player.  And his new coach is really good at giving the kids a chance to play different positions.  I've already noticed Will has more confidence this year and is actually smacking the ball.  Can't wait to watch him swing, hit and run his little heart out.   It's going to be a great season!


Wow, I forgot I have a blog for while there and I guess life has gotten in the way as well.  

I have finally gotten on track and focusing on myself!  As Moms, women, etc, we tend to get wrapped up in our lives and our families and forget about ourselves.  Well, I have now begun to worry about myself.  3 weeks ago I got the jump start when a friend of mine decided to throw a get together over Easter weekend with all our high school friends we've reconnected with through Facebook.  I was so excited about this and at the same time horrified to have these people see me 20+ pounds heavier than I was at our 10 yr. reunion.  So now, I have my motivation!  I started the Atkins diet and working out Monday - Friday.  And this past week have started a boot camp with an instructor at our rec center that I have become friends with.  I've been proud of my progress and have really been good on my diet!  I've lost over 6 pounds and finally feeling it too!  And Greg has noticed too!  I'm really hoping I can lose the next 14 pounds by then, but I'm not holding my breath.  

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness Part 2

Well, we finally found our person to pay back with our random act from last month.  Greg had purchased a new phone on Craigslist from a nice lady.  He gets it home to play with it, etc.  He notices that several buttons don't work on it.  So, he calls her up and she says she'll be happy to refund him.  When he meets up with her, she's in tears because the person she had bought it from will not return her phone calls, so she is left with a broken phone.  She bought it and had no idea how to use it, etc.  Now she's stuck with a useless phone.  And the worst part is that she can't afford to buy a new one since she had to return the money to Greg.  It really bothered him.

Greg had bought me a wonderful Sidekick for my birthday.  Yes, I fit in with the young teenagers that hang out at the mall.  I can now text as fast as they can!  Well, the more I use it, the more I miss my simple phone.  Greg and I decide to sell it and remembered that poor woman that was left with a broken phone and decide to call her and see if she's gotten a replacement.  To our luck, she hasn't.  So, we offered her my phone.  It works great, and it's free!  She was more than grateful for this.

I wonder how she'll pay it forward?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Today my family and I , and the rest of the world, went shopping at Walmart.  We've been gone all week in Dallas and Ft. Worth for Thanksgiving seeing my family and in need of almost everything!  As we were shopping, Greg went to put some popcorn in our basket and I reminded him that our microwave was broken.  Yes, we are without a microwave!  How does any family deal with such a tragedy as no microwave? Anyways, as I was going to the next aisle, I saw that Greg was motioned by a woman.  I continued onto the aisle figuring that she may need some help getting something up high.  Greg comes back with this huge grin on his face.  I asked what was up and he said nothing I'll tell you later.  As we go down the aisle, he proceeds to tell me that the woman gave him money for a new microwave. He goes on to tell her he appreciates the thoughtfulness, but that we have home owners insurance and we'll be fine.  She says no that she has no one to buy for this Christmas and she would be so happy to know that someone is enjoying something from her.  I was almost in tears by this incredible gift.  Neither Greg nor I looked at the amount she gave us until later and when we did,we saw she gave us $100.   People can sometimes amaze me!  So, we're now on a mission to find someone to give this to and pay back the incredible gift that was given to us so maybe someone else can do the same.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here's a pic of my three trick or treaters...Dorothy, Star Wars Clone Wars Trooper and Indiana Jones.  We had another awesome Halloween.  Went to a pre-trick or treating party with friends in our neighborhood, etc. and ate, played, then went to trick or treat.  After the gobblins got tired of walking we headed back to the party to let the kids sort through all their candy and eat as much as their heart desires!  (which means less that goes home)  Great Halloween!  Now we're planning next years....the kids want to make their playscape into a haunted house with lights, etc, then I thought, us Moms could hang back and pass out the candy in my driveway, drinks in hand, while the Daddy's took the kids to trick or treat.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Kate's new do!

Kate has been asking for a year or so to cut her hair like Bella, who is my best friend's daughter.  So, we let her cut it to her shoulders.  That didn't work.  I finally gave in against Greg's wishes!  What is it with men and hair?  We waited until after Halloween because you need the long hair for Dorothy!  I planned the cut when she and I could have some fun and turn it into a girly day.  The boys were going to go camping, so I chose that day.

The day started with me getting the boys out for their big camping trip with their boy scout troop and Daddy!  Then the girls got ready for our big day!  Kate decided she'd like to wear a little makeup and got her purse and sunglasses ready and we were off.  We got to ride in Daddy's car with the sunroof open and blasting Radio Disney(not Mommy's choice!)  Got to the salon where I go and we waited.  I took one last picture of her with her long hair and she was so giddy!  We thought she'd have enough hair to donate to Locks of Love, but we were almost an inch too short.  We tried!  Kate was so cute sitting in her chair getting her hair cut.  Through out the whole process I kept saying Oh my gosh, and holy cow.  Kate had to ask me to stop.  Which was hard to do when you're watching your little 6 year old become 2+ years older right before your eyes!  She was no longer my baby, but a young girl.  Kate really liked her cut, but said it felt weird on her neck, that's because she had no hair.  My girl did an awesome job with her hair!  After her fabulous hair cut, we ventured off next door to Hobby Lobby, her favorite store, and one of mine.  During our shopping, I would just stare at her and getting used to her hair cut and noticing how much older she looked and how cute she was with her little purse, new hair, shopping, etc.  After almost 2 hours and $50, we left.  Then headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for and early dinner and colored.  During dinner we talked about what we'd do afterwards and decided to make a fire in our fire pit on the deck and make smores and hot cocoa, paint our nails, and watch a movie.  Sounded like a deal to me.  So, we headed to Target for all our supplies for the smores, nails and then of course raided the dollar section, which added at least $20 more to our bill.  (Who can escape Target without spending at least $20 or more above what they were actually there to buy?)  Got home and I quickly uploaded our pics from our big day and then went to build our fire outside.  Well I wasn't successful.  I had all the ingredients for a perfect fire, wood, newspaper, and kindling...well, I think the wood was too dry because the only thing that lit on fire was the paper and kindling.  I told Kate the wood might be too dry and she said, let's just add some water.  I told her it wouldn't help.  So, we took our music and smores inside to let the microwave do the work and they turned out good.  The rest of the night we sang to Hannah, Jonas Brothers, Weezer (mommy's choice, I needed to break up the teeny bopper music), painted Kate's nails pink, purple, pink, purple, etc.  Then watched Kung Fu Panda. Before we knew it it was 10 PM and Kate was growing sleepy.  So, I put her beside me and snuggled her up with blankets and as she's falling asleep, she says, Mommy, I love being with you and had the best day.  Boy, did I have the best day with my favorite and only daughter!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Six Flags

Sooooooooooooooooooooo excited.   The kids are beside themselves with anticipation as we wake up this morning.  Today we head to San Antonio.  San Antonio is cool and all, but why are they sooooooooooooooooooo excited?  Two words:  Six Flags.  Or two other words:  Fiesta Texas.  It reminds me of Kings Island in Ohio.  The anticipation, in retrospect, was probably the best part.  I couldn't sleep the night before as I thought about the roller coasters, the spinning cups, the cotton candy, the corn dogs on a stick ... oh yeah.  And seeing that excitement in my kids' eyes and smiles and goofy dances and singing makes me even more excited to head to Six Flags Fiesta Texas today.  We went last year this time, but they were too small to ride the "big" rides.  This year will be different for them entirely.  Can't wait.  I just can't wait.